Why Indian Women Vote For Narendra Modi

The BJP increased its share of the female vote during the assembly elections. Several studies concluded that these trends were consistent across undivided India, despite men’s higher support for Congress. Traditionally, more women had consistently voted for the Congress party at the national level. In 2019, the BJP became the first party with the highest number of female voters.

This comes despite misogynistic remarks by party leaders, poor handling of rape cases, and the fact that women-led the most prolonged protests against the government’s controversial citizenship law.

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Since the election victory of Modi, analysts have been claiming that the BJP’s image as a male-dominated party has changed.

Modi made sure to appeal for votes by positioning himself as the brother, son, or “friend” who could best represent their interests. In his speeches from 2014 to 2019, women were featured more times in the top five topics.

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The party launched several welfare and outreach schemes to help women in rural areas. Below poverty, line homes deal with food security, LPG cylinders, house construction, direct cash transfers, toilets, etc.

India Today also reports that the party is “hardline” and imposing a law-and-order regime. In 2019, the Bharatiya Janbhagwan Party (BJP) had the most female candidates, more than any other party. The BJP was also one of the few parties to appoint a woman as their prime minister.

In their article, Open says that the BJP’s brand of feminism draws from the third wave of feminism that does away with the idea of calling women independent islands and instead says they can be both independent and have familial or cultural roles.

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