Understanding the Punjab-Gangs

The assassination of a Punjabi singer-turned-politician has sparked anger. Sidhu Moose Wala, was shot and killed while travelling in the Jawaharke village of Mansa district. The attack was the result of a gang quarrel between Punjabi-Canadian criminal organisations, according to Punjab police.

In terms of homegrown organised crime in Canada, these gangs trail only the Italian-Canadian Mafia and Asian organised Triad criminal syndicates in terms of prominence.
According to the RCMP’s 2004 British Columbia Yearly Police Report, they rank as British Columbia’s third-most organised and sophisticated criminal ring.

The Inception

It was because of this that these organisations were able to thrive. It was previously the core of the Punjabi community in downtown Toronto before it spread to Brampton and Mississauga few years ago. Since the 1990s, 165 individuals have been killed in gang violence in this city.

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Are there any Punjabi criminal organisations?

The most organised Indo-Canadian criminal gangs are in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. The Punjabad Mafia, which was formerly considered liberal, has evolved into a more ethnocentric group over time. The group has ties to a variety of other organisations, some of which collaborate and others of which do not.

Bishnoi, Lawrence

In Bharatpur prison in Rajasthan, a 31-year-old man has been serving a sentence for a variety of offences, including attempted murder, trespass, theft, and harassment. In Punjab University, he was a  student leader. There are reports that his father is a police officer from Punjab and his associate is currently living in Canada. Since recently, the gang has made an attempt to expand its territory from Punjab all the way up to Gurugram.

Previously, attacks against Punjabi singers have occurred.

One of Bishnoi gang’s most trusted lieutenants revealed the Salman Khan scheme to authorities. When singer Parmish Verma, 31, was returning home following a concert at a Chandigarh mall, he was fired at.

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