The Reason Why South Indian Cinema Is Making It Big

With south Indian cinema making inroads with the Hindi-speaking audiences across India – to decimating competition from reigning Bollywood stars and big-budget projects – The News Minute examines what it is about the industry that has allowed it to gain supremacy.

South Indian movies are usually very entertaining, and this is a crucial element for Hindi-speaking audiences, who want unadulterated entertainment.

They play on the appeal of the old cinema of the 1970s and 1980s when stories were centred around a hyper-masculine hero, a simplistic, larger-than-life story and good production value.

The Big Picture:

The recent blockbuster, “R.R.R.,” as two hyper-masculine heroes, a dash of patriotic fervour, emotion, and oodles and oodles of mind-boggling action.

When speaking to India Today, experts believe that while wanting more “pretty, intelligent content” and “good cinema” is acceptable, filmmakers should focus on making films that entertain people rather than preaching.


While some people believe that the Hindi film industry has neglected the audience by increasing focus on the upper class and not catering to viewers. Others disagree, saying that popular Hindi films differ from dubbed films only in the content that it gives a focus on.

The films “R.R.R.” and “K.G.F. 2” are criticized for having simplistic characters, but they have been put together with work. However, mass-centric or “masala” Bollywood films are simply lazy, often falling short in connecting to the audience.

Though the movies are translated and being dubbed, and released into multiple languages, these translations are also re-written.

South Indian cinema uses extensive marketing campaigns to promote its movies across India. With creative poster designs, social media teasers, and roadshows, the films reach wider audiences through traditional and digital methods.

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