What is ragging and its origin?

In Greece during 7th and 8th centuries it begin as a game to strengthen the sportsman’s spirit in the community

Hazing and bullying

In a viral video of Madhya Pradesh, can be seen with their backs to the wall as another student, purportedly a senior, slaps the juniors across the face in a video that has gone viral. Many innocent pupils have been killed by ragging as a result of the mental and physical abuse they were subjected to.

What exactly is Ragging?

Ragging is an act that is described as the participation in an activity that violates the dignity of a student. To show how far a person’s or a human’s imagination may go to showcase their dominance, it is done in the name of welcoming new students.

By what means was the practise of ragging brought to India? Even before India gained its freedom, the custom of ragging had spread throughout the country. It grew with time, and by 1980, students began displaying violent inclinations as a result of the media’s growing influence. It was at its pinnacle in the 1990s. During this time, ragging took on an especially heinous appearance.

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What are the ragging laws in my India?

Ragging was outlawed in India by the Supreme Court in 2001. However, despite this, there are still a number of cases. Ragging occurs when a student’s self-esteem or attractiveness are insulted or ridiculed in any way. It is considered ragging if any student is made to do any assignment that they don’t want to.

Ragging in the World’s History

In Greece during 7th and 8th centuries it begin as a game to strengthen the sportsman’s spirit in the community and  it is also done to newcomers so that the goes thought all kinds of humiliation which will make them stronger and help them mingle with his team member. Later on   Military forces began using it in the military for the same reason after this, and it also became a part of the education system.

What is the mentality behind ragging?

To the senior pupils, it gives them a sense of authority, and their morale rises.
One of the primary motivations for engaging in ragging is the desire for vengeance.
They retaliate on their juniors who abused them.
Students that engage in ragging as a form of self-expression are also expressing their innermost feelings.

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