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  • russia’s-new-nauka-space-module-reaches-international-space-station

    Russia’s new Nauka space module reaches International Space Station

    Russia upgraded its capabilities on the International Space Station on Thursday after its new Nauka module successfully docked with it after a nervy journey from Earth. A live broadcast from Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, showed the module, a multipurpose laboratory named after the Russian word for ‘science’, docking with the ISS at 1329 GMT, a few minutes […] More

  • boeing’s-starliner-crewed-mission-all-set-for-test-flight-to-international-space-station

    Boeing’s Starliner crewed mission all set for test flight to International Space Station

    Boeing’s unmanned Starliner crew capsule is all set for its test flight on Friday, July 30, before attempting to launch astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). The space agency’s new administrator, Bill Nelson, Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy, and Associate Administrator Bob Cabana held a briefing at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center ahead of the launch. Happening now: […] More

  • astronomers-detect-light-behind-black-hole-for-the-first-time

    Astronomers detect light behind black hole for the first time

    For the first time, astronomers led by Dan Wilkins of Stanford University witnessed flares of X-ray radiation originating from behind a black hole. The X-ray flares reflected off the gas going into the black hole, and the telescopes picked up fainter lights as the flares faded. According to theory, these luminous echoes were consistent with […] More

  • study-reveals-that-caffeine-helps-bumblebees-pollinate-more-effectively

    Study reveals that caffeine helps bumblebees pollinate more effectively

    A new study has found that caffeine helps bumblebees to pollinate more effectively. Due to climate change, wild pollinator populations have been restrained, including bees, moths, wasps, butterflies, beetles and birds. As a result of this, some fruit growers have resorted to relying on “managed pollinators”. The study was aimed to evaluate whether the bees […] More

  • what-will-russia’s-‘nauka’-do-at-the-international-space-station?

    What will Russia’s ‘Nauka’ do at the International Space Station?

    Russia’s brand new ‘Nauka’ laboratory module meant for the International Space Station(ISS) had blasted off from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan last week aboard the Proton rocket after years of delay. Russian scientists hope to ingrate the floating research laboratory with the ISS. Nauka is reportedly a 42-feet-long module weighing 20 tonnes. It was set to […] More

  • world’s-first-commercial-re-programmable-satellite-blasts-into-space

    World’s first commercial re-programmable satellite blasts into space

    The European Space Agency on July 30 launched the world’s first commercial fully re-programmable satellite. Named Eutelsat Quantum, the world’s first commercial fully re-programmable satellite lifted off from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. #EutelsatQuantum, the first commercial fully flexible software-defined satellite in the world, was launched this evening, 30 July 2021 👉 […] More

  • world’s-youngest-astronomer:-this-seven-year-old-girl-discovered-seven-asteroids-for-nasa

    World’s youngest astronomer: This seven-year old girl discovered seven asteroids for NASA

    Nicole Oliviera, a seven-year-old Brazilian girl who found seven asteroids, has been named the world’s youngest astronomer.  Nicole’s fascination with space and astronomy began when she was just two years old. She took part in the ‘Asteroid Hunt’ citizen science programme, which is run by the International Astronomical Search Collaboration and includes NASA.  Oliviera’s passion […] More

  • space-propaganda:-china-opens-doors-to-world’s-largest-planetarium

    Space propaganda: China opens doors to world’s largest planetarium

    China has opened the doors on what it bills as the world’s largest planetarium in its latest space propaganda. The slick new Shanghai facility showcases the nation’s recent extra-terrestrial exploits while notably downplaying those of space pioneers like the United States. Beijing has spent much of this year bombarding the public with news of the country’s rising space […] More

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