By 2027 “First Space” Hotel Will be Open

The commercial phase of the Space Age is advancing at a rapid rate, allowing more and more private citizens to go outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, and Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic, have both paid to cross or arrive at Earth’s outer atmosphere’s Kármán line in the last several months.

Even a multi-day trip to space looks to be on the verge of becoming a full-fledged leisure excursion.

Getaways to the Stars

From a century of speculation on how to conquer the last frontier, Voyager’s core framework is derived

Visitors will be able to move about rather freely because to the centrifugal force it generates.

If all goes according to plan, its gravitational pull will be approximately a sixth of that of Earth at start.

They want to spin it up to the level of Mars, which has a third of Earth’s gravity, and eventually make it as heavy as our planet.
They want to learn more about their guests’ physiology before increasing the g-force because there is so little data on how humans adapt to artificial gravity.

Athletic exploits beyond human comprehension will be possible for the able-bodied as well as those with handicap.

Being an astronaut comes with a price.

For the time being, space travel is only accessible to the super-rich.
It is hoped that a stay on Voyager would compete with the cost of a cruise ticket
He claims that “the resort is inexpensive, but the flight is costly” when comparing the two costs.

Real or not

  1. All indications indicate to a quick expansion of space trade, notwithstanding its lofty ambitions.
  2. There are a number of enterprises hoping to fill the ISS’s hole by launching their own businesses
  3. When Axiom completes its “destination module” contract with NASA, the ISS will be transformed into a commercial space station.
  4. It has been stated that Sierra Space and Blue Origin will deploy Orbital Reef before the end of the decade, a mixed-use station.

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