Bihar Is Plans for Caste Base Census

There will be an all-party meeting on the topic of a caste-based census on Friday, May 27, according to Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, who announced the plan on May 23.

An all-party conference will be held to gather everyone’s thoughts on the caste-based census. ” The state cabinet will then hear the proposal. In an interview with news agency ANI, the state’s chief minister said that certain parties had agreed to have a meeting on May 27 but were still waiting for a response from others.

According to JD (United) head Janata Dal (United) leader, the planned measure will be supported by all parties in the state prior to the cabinet’s approval.

The state legislature has previously voted resolutions in favour of a caste census, so there should be no issue, according to Kumar.

Every side has been invited to participate in negotiations, according to Kumar. Everyone is not on the same page. We’re awaiting an answer from them.”

OBC leaders like Kumar and Yadav believe that a new population estimate is essential in order to give targeted social assistance more efficiently.

Yadav was also part of an all-party group that met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year to pursue the issue.

On this topic, despite having an alliance government in place, the BJP and Janata Dal (United) do not agree.

Bihar’s BJP and other parties originally supported Nitish’s request for a census of castes. The state BJP, on the other hand, is in a quandary because the federal government has ruled against such an endeavour.

Allegations of a lack of concern for OBCs by the BJP have been made by opposition parties like the RJD because the BJP, which relies mostly on support from the higher castes, does not care much about the OBCs.

In addition, many feel that the BJP is hesitant to allow a caste census for fear that it may revive regional parties like Janata Dal (United), RJD, Samajwadi Party, and Bahujan Samaj Party, whose main followers are predominantly from the OBC population.

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