7 Space Mysteries That Scientists Can’t Explain

Space Mysteries of space which you cannot believe And Scientists Can’t Explain

1.How Hot Is Dark Matter?

One question about dark matter is how hot it is, with theories ranging from hot to cold.

2.What Is Dark Matter?

Scientists do not have a definitive understanding of dark matter, but most believe that it makes up about 25 percent of the total universe.

3. Which Came First:The Black Hole Or The Galaxy?

Scientists don’t fully understand how black holes became a topic of interest in the first place.

4.What Are Black Holes?

Black Holes remain a mystery, where light is unable to escape their gravitational pull.

5.Where Is Planet 9?

Pluto is not a planet, so it mean our solar system has eight planets or we unaware of the 9th one

6.Alien Life

Scientists believe that it’s only a matter of time until we find intelligent life

7. Just How Big Is The Universe?

Milky Way- that galaxy, in which we live-has been estimated to be comprised of 200 billion star systems.

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