6 Ways to Help the Environment

There are very easy steps you can take to become more environmentally friendly


Many garbage disposal companies offer recycling services that can be used by customers on their own without hiring somebody else.

Try to find recycling bins near trash cans if they are not already around. As opposed to leaving recyclables in the trash, which could make your town more difficult when processing the material.

Use a Reusable Containers

Not only will this increase your wallet, but it will also help the environment by not just creating reusable water bottles, but also reduce carbon emissions created by transportation every time your purchase is made.

If you eat at a certain restaurant often, consider buying a reusable container as it helps reduce the amount of used food that goes to waste.

On average, Starbucks offer a discount of a certain amount off the regular price to customers who bring their own reusable container

Energy Saving Tips

College students need to be careful with the energy they expend. Saving a few cents on light bulbs each month can help save money later in life. Turning off lights and electronic when not in use it.

Shut off your AC when you don’t need it, but not in the summer. Open your windows during the cool fall months and layer clothes during those same months.

Saving water

By limiting water usage and following some simple steps that can help save you money, we can make a difference. Turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth will reduce wasted water while giving you more time to use it efficiently. Avoid going into the shower until you need it and only wash dishes in a sink. Old habits may not seem very exciting in this era of tech and modern conveniences, but practicing smart consumption can make a big difference in our daily lives as well as for the environment!

Taking Carpool over Car

Car ownership and gasoline use are harmful to the environment. Public transportation, walking, and riding your bike near campus can help promote a green lifestyle as well as save you money!

Share gas costs and alternating driving schedules with friends who live closer to school. This is cheaper mode of transportation and will save you time in the morning!

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