6 Unhealthy Habits That Drain Your Mental Health

Change your Habits To Have a Good Mental Health

Does the busy day-to-day behavior project that you care about your mental health? When considering that, most people prioritize their physical health or social life.

Sometimes it is not the world, but we are the ones who drain our mental health, perhaps because of the amount of toxicity that we absorb on an everyday basis, or maybe because we are stuck in the loop of our resistive habits.

Stop these six habits if you find that this article is closely associated with your mental health. They drain mental health and hinder your well-being.

If you are overusing social media and smartphones

Our dependency on our mobile devices is scary. Some people even have the habit of unlocking and locking the phone every few minutes when they know that it’s not used. Besides this, the way we carry our smartphones has become increasingly heavy.

And if I mentioned social media, there’s so much toxicity online of things that pollute our minds and make us feel bad about ourselves every day. Some people are uploading questionable content, and some people are spreading hate. All you see on social media are meaningless posts and videos that satisfy your need to scroll aimlessly. You might be the one who overuses your smartphone, and it’s best to keep away from it if you can.

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If you are overworking everyday

A good work-life balance is essential for mental health. Working on the laptop for 8 hours a day or constantly checking your phone will make you feel exhausted. Balance your time and schedule by prioritizing family, friends, and downtime.

Get out of a toxic relationship.

It is not worth the effort to have a relationship with someone who is toxic and cannot add anything positive to your life. It’s not worth it to be exposed to their negativity daily.

If you are living in the past

When we think about our past, we know how important it is to reflect and revisit. Knowing why we are here now helps us understand where we want to go in the future. We need to remember that the past does not exist anymore because it is dead. The best thing to do is let it go by living in the present, rather than regretting events or obsessing over them.

You are just not sleeping enough.

Not getting enough sleep is another alarming sign that your mental or physical health isn’t given the attention it deserves. An exhausted body and a drained mind won’t do you any good. Your to-do list will keep growing, with unfinished tasks never going to be completed with efficiency. If you know how your body functions when it sleeps less, try giving your body what it wants for once. If you wonder how to sleep for more than 4 hours, try not having your phone on and closing your eyes. Even that would work! Just get the rest you deserve.

Making unhealthy comparisons of your life with others

We know that we should not judge the book by its covers. Life on the outside and life on the inside is almost always opposite. Another point to note is that we all function at our unique pace. So, somebody can be a millionaire at the age of 20. But, it does not mean we are any less. We need to stop comparing our lives with the life of others who come from different backgrounds and operate in different contexts.

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