5 Celebrities Who Spoke about their Chronic Illnesses

1. Sonali Bendre

As of 2018, Bendre was battling metastatic cancer, which she was diagnosed with early 2018. The actress described the emotional and physical toll her therapy had taken on her. She also emphasised the need of dealing with one’s unpleasant feelings along the way and the fact that it’s appropriate to do so.

2. Manisha Koirala

She was treated in New York after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had a number of procedures before being given the all-clear in 2015. In 2018 She’s talked about her journey and challenges on social media and published her autobiography Healed: How Cancer Gave Me A New Life.

3. Tahira Kashyap

In September of last year, Tahira Kashyap was told she had cancer and underwent a mastectomy immediately. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she kept us all up to date on everything that was going on in her life. She even talked about the difficult portions that were vital for raising awareness about breast cancer. Even post-diagnosis hair loss was handled by the writer-director.

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4. Sonam Kapoor

It’s been revealed that at the age of 17 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She also talked about her experiences coping with PCOD and the therapy for it. On several instances, Sonam Kapoor has spoken out about the disorders and the challenges they raise.

7. Ileana D’Cruz

When the actor appeared at an event in New Delhi, she opened out about her battle with body dysmorphic disorder and the impact it had on her mental health. Another post addressed her body image concerns and how she’s hoping to move on from them in 2020.

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